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Im an occupational therapist (ergoterapeut) working in one of the homes/ centres in the Netherlands for people with Huntington disease.

Im going to the Europian Huntingtonconvention in September with several other occupational therapists from the Netherlands. We reallly would like to meet some other occupational therapists in Barcelona from other countries to exchange experiences.

Unfortunately we don't have the contacts jet with other foreign colleague. So we thought, maybe this site can help us. Who knows an occupational therapist working in a centre (or) with people with huntington disease (and is going tot the barcelona convention)?
I really would like tot get in contact with them.

Im looking formward hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Manon van Kampen
Occupational Therapist (ergotherapeut) Atlant Zorggroep, The Netherlands
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Hi Manon ,this link will lead you to a helpsite from germany. Its also in englisch and dutch :-) There´s a list in it of international organisations which work with huntington-disease.

Hope this will help.

I love our profession.
Ich liebe unseren Beruf!
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Hi Andrea,

Danke schön for you answer. I'm already part of the Dutch and Europian HD Network, but don't know any German OT's working with HD. And I love to team up and work togheter. I will take a look at the website you recommanded.

Thank you!
#love our profession too


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